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Montage Design Build - MDB is a contemporary boutique architecture practice, offering unique solutions and complete client service. With its Head Office located in F-8/3, Islamabad, Montage Design Build specializes in the design, construction and renovation of unique modern houses, as well as multi- family housing projects.

Montage Design Build was established in 1998. Our team members, comprising engineers and architects, have strong background in their respective fields. Our project portfolio includes Residential Projects, Office Interior Design Projects and interior Décor Projects.

Montage Design Build has earned the reputation as a critically thinking architecture and construction firm with extraordinary design skills, dedicated to getting projects built! Our highly skilled team makes sure each project is completed to the highest standard. Complete collaboration between different disciplines in a project is achieved by a robust technological infrastructure, the Montage DB quality control procedures, and continuous attention to details.

Our approach to architecture is not superficial or purely for effect. As a practice, we seek foundation in the basics of human life (the client), and nature (the site or environment). This inspires our designs and how we create spaces. We strive to create buildings that do not shout, but have an architectural solution that comes across as understated, yet powerful and with soul.

Montage Design Build is passionate about design and loves sharing this enthusiasm with others! Our goal is to continue surprising and delighting our clients with excellent service and unexpected thinking.


Our partnership with you starts with a complimentary site evaluation. As far as we’re concerned, it doesn’t end until you move in. We have the capability to take you from the very beginning of that process, through home design, construction, interior decoration, to finally calling it a home, and beyond. We offer free of charge 1 year maintenance for the homes that we Designbuild.

On finalization of the design process, we work out a budget and timelines that are guaranteed. There are no hidden fees or unpleasant surprises waiting for you. We won’t surprise you with unplanned changes, either, and we achieve that through meticulous planning from the start.

Our team includes architects, interior designers and engineers. We can create a home tailored for you, from the ground up, and do it at the right price. We also have a selection of top tier home designs ready to go.

During execution we will keep you updated, though, with weekly photos, a schedule, and budget updates. We believe in transparency. When problems come up, we’ll let you know about them, and we will deal with them.


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We love building homes, and we strive to make each one better than the last. The passion that drives us inspires us to dig deeper and think long term. We are obsessed with the little things. Attention to detail is our hallmark.

We believe a good home isn’t just about imported marbles, and sloping roofs. Our homes don’t just look elegant and luxurious, irrespective of the budget – they have good bones. We build to last. This is why we involve a structural engineer throughout the construction.

What Sets Us Apart?

There are four things that set us apart from other builders:

#1 is our team approach. Our entire team is involved with every project from beginning to end, planning, checking and rechecking our work. We have what is called a list of Standard Operating Procedures, and our monitoring staff makes sure that each one of them is being meticulously followed.

#2 is planning. Before we ever hammer a single nail, we plan, plan, and plan some more. For us the design and construction are not two separate entities, but a continuous process. The drawings of every work to be executed on site gets thoroughly discussed and deliberated upon, before final execution. This allows our clients to know exactly what they are getting, and it allows us to guarantee the budget.

#3 is that we are a design/build firm. We can take you all the way from the first site meeting to move-in with a single point of contact. No need to shop around for interior designers and landscape designers – we partner with some of the best.

#4 a one year, free of cost maintenance of your home?” We believe in professionalism, and technical knowhow. This approach gives us full confidence to provide a one year, free of cost, maintenance of your property, after handing over; something unheard of in the housing market in Pakistan.

Passion… Teamwork... Expertise…. And an exacting thirst for perfection.That’s the MONTAGE DESIGNBUILD difference.

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Lead Architect Montage Designbuild
B(Arch) NCA, Lahore 1989- 1995
M(Arch) The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, UK. 1997-98

Sadia is the founding and principal director of Montage DB. Sadia and Faisal Hayat, a sister brother duo, both architects by profession, founded Montage DB in 1998 and have ever since built an innovative and successful Designbuild practice. Sadia is responsible for the overall design direction, business management as well as material selection and procurement. She has specific interest in experimentation and creativity in architecture and interior design, construction detailing and environmental suitability of the structures to be built. Sadia has also served as Senior Interior Designer at Emaar Pakistan, in 2007. She has vast experience in procurement from all the major markets of Pakistan as well as from Middle East. A key element to Montage DB’s success is the deep understanding of the client’s requirements, and their translation into reality with utmost care and integrity, and Sadia has a proven track record of being able to deliver superior design solutions that not only meet but exceed client’s expectations.


Director Projects
B(Arch) National College of Arts, Lahore

Faisal is a senior architect at Montage DB with 20 years’ experience in the Architectural profession. Throughout his career he has worked as a turnkey manager, where involvement from conception through to occupation has given him a sound understanding of the industry and the design and construction process. Faisal is responsible for ensuring that all projects are kept carefully monitored and are delivered on time and on budget, while maintaining design integrity which is paramount for montage design build. His enthusiasm for innovative design is tempered by his drive to ‘get things done’. In line with current building trends, Faisal is focused on providing environmentally sustainable building solutions that can provide commercially viable options to clients.


Director Finance and Procurement

With over 15 years in Project Management for Montage DB, Qaisar’s role focuses on the day to day management of the studio team and the coordination between the studio and construction activities on site. He is also fully conversant with procurement from the local and foreign markets and looks after the finances of the business


Technical Advisor
B.E. (Civil) NED Karachi
Post Graduate Training in Brick Structures in UK

Liaqat Hayat is Technical advisor to Montage DB with 45 years experience in the civil engineering and building professions. He has had the opportunity to work in various large construction companies, working as project manager of major public buildings in Islamabad, which has enabled him to gain a wide range of experience in methods of project delivery, from concept design through to building handover.

Moreover his experience in infrastructural projects, contract management and Environmental engineering helps Montage DB to explore new avenues in building design. His working experience with different consultants, contractor’s and vendors is a major resource for procurement at Montage DB


Director Structures & Infrastructure
B Sc. Engineering, Millitary College of Engineering Jehlum
M Sc. Structures, Stratchclyde University of Glassgow, UK

Col Muzaffar Ahmed has been a part of Montage DB’s team from its inception in 1998. He brings with him a vast and diverse experience in engineering and structural design/ consultation, first from his military service and then as Chief Civil Engineer of one of the biggest corporations of Pakistan: the Fauji Foundation, where he has been responsible for multitude of large projects from concept to final occupation of the buildings.

Col Muzaffar’s thorough understanding of structures and practical aspects of construction has always played the role of a beacon for the young and enthusiastic team of designers at Montage DB. His advice regarding construction practice and material of constructions has always helped the company develop solutions that are suitable and practical yet novel and innovative


    Yes, Montage Designbuild is registered with CDA, (CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY), DHAI (DEFENCE HOUSING AUTHORITY ISLAMABAD) and PEC (PAKISTAN ENGINEERING COUNCIL) separately as consultants and contractors. Arch Sadia Hayat, owner and founder of the architectural firm, is also registered with PCATP (PAKISTAN COUNCIL OF ARCHITECTS AND TOWN PLANNERS) in a personal capacity.
    We design buildings according to the client’s requirements. Whilst we predominantly have a contemporary outlook, we are also proficient in classical styles.
    Montage Designbuild has a background in institutional/ corporate buildings and corporate office interiors, and still does some of these on a regular basis. Several of these can be seen in our portfolio. However residential architecture, single family as well as multifamily remain our favorite.
  4. What is the hallmark of your typical residential buildings?
    Most of our designs are airy, open plan homes that have habitable rooms facing the north or south. We also incorporate nature/ landscaping and ensure the indoor/outdoor living areas seamlessly flow together. We are extremely interested in environmentally responsive architecture. Three of the regular features that we incorporate in all our residential projects are, thicker walls, efficient windows design and materials, and thorough insulation of all exposed surfaces. These measures always make the houses expensive but we believe in and convince our clients to invest in their future, and what better way to do that. These measures make our homes comfortable, airy and elegant.
  5. Do you do additions and alterations?
    Yes, we do many additions and alterations. However, it is always to protect a well-built structure. If the existing construction is not of good quality we almost insist on dismantling it.
  6. Is your fee structure based on a percentage of the building cost or per square foot?
    To simplify the fees, we charge a fixed fee for the design stage. Thereafter, once all design and drawings are completed, detailed BILL OF QUANTITIES (BOQ) are prepared for each trade involved along with specifications. Our construction costs are based on the BOQ’s.
  7. How long does the process take?
    This usually takes roughly three and a half months, depending on the size of the building and the clients’ input/ response time. Authority’s approval depends on the different authorities, but can vary between two weeks and several months. Factors such as estate approvals, building line relaxations, sub-divisions, etc. can delay this further. The approval period is used to complete all working drawings and BOQ’s, this enables construction to start as soon as the plans are approved.
  8. What is the difference between a contractor and a turnkey contractor?

    In a traditional setup, an architect is hired to design and a contractor is separately hired to build the house. Generally speaking, coordination and Material procurement, both of which are of utmost importance, are left to the client, who might or might not be able to do that properly.

    A turnkey Contractor on the other hand, takes you all the way from design to construction with a single point of contact. No need to shop around for contractors, material suppliers, plumbers etc. the turnkey contractor hires contractors, procure building materials and manages all works at site.

    Montage Designbuild has gone a step further. We have in-house design and construction teams, and never sublet parts of the project. We have an in house team of masons, plumbers, electricians etc. nothing is left to chance or to outsiders, and we gladly bear the full responsibility for every brick laid in the project. We are the only genuine DESIGNBUILD Company working in this area. So whereas we are a boutique company, but make sure that all of the resources required for producing quality projects are available in house.

  9. Do you do interior design?

    Yes. We have an interior design company wing which specializes in interior architecture, be it hard finishes, furniture or accessories, they do it all. We also have a furniture manufacturing facility in Gujarat that can produce any piece that you would like to get custom made

  10. Do you only design in Islamabad?

    Our design projects are spread all over the country and even in Iraq. However our Designbuild services are available only in Islamabad area. In near future we are planning to take Designbuild services and boutique developments to Lahore as well.