For a distinctively curated lifestyle

Montage Designbuild’s premier developments are called “Boutique Homes”. We own exclusive plots throughout Islamabad with best locations and extended areas. These properties are being developed for distinctively curated lifestyles. With spacious and modern design, state of the art construction, modern conveniences and artful furnishing, all you have to do is “move in” at a pre-determined time. These plots are located in DHAI, D12 and Gulberg Greens. We can develop one of your properties for this offering as well. The homes in D12 and DHA-2 are under construction. For Farmhouses designs, approvals and costing is in place. These homes are built with the best material specifications, state of the art construction management and luxurious amenities. The furnishing and interior design that has been planned is also of exceptional quality. You can, however, choose between different styles of furnishing i.e. contemporary classic or traditional, or amend some areas as per your requirement

From the time a decision is made to purchase a boutique home, our team members are there to help every step of the way. From the final selection of location, customizing of the layout, updates during the construction process, meetings to answer any questions and concerns and after sales service, we are there to assure all your concerns are taken care of. We believe communication is the key to a positive experience and we are always available to help with any of our customers’ needs.

In most cases structure of the house is ready before a client opts for one of our “Boutique Homes”. We make sure that the layout accommodates the best possible amenities, necessary for a curated lifestyle. The structure is built using the best quality materials, specifications and design. The entire construction process is thoroughly documented and can be assessed by prospective buyers. We also start plantation around the site at an early stage so that once completed the area around the site is also developed. For furnishing and interior décor we can start working on the design and procurement in parallel to building construction. With the help of experience Interior Decorators and Designers, you don’t need to wait for the house construction to complete. We can show you around some of the best Furniture manufacturers that we regularly deal with, or you may choose the designs and we put our resources in Gujrat to manufacture custom designed furniture of your choice. These different options give you the best value for money and homogenous Interior Furnishing that blends seamlessly with the home design.

Salient features of boutique homes

All of the boutique properties are designed with the following salient features

  1. The architecture responds to the site and its context in an elaborate fashion…. soil tests of the site are conducted as the first step after procurement of land.
  2. The interiors are spacious and well lit. They are planned to lavishly cater for Personal and Social needs of the residents.
  3. Amenities include swimming pools, European brand kitchens appliances, bathrooms fittings and fixtures, lighting fixtures, rooftop entertainment areas along with finely designed and executed green areas at all levels.
  4. Each living space comes with a view. if an extended natural view is not available as in urban areas, small inner gardens are created bringing outdoors/ views into the house
  5. Energy efficient homes, with state of the art solar energy options
  6. Solid Sturdy construction, which is earth quake resistant. We make sure that proper engineering standards are followed throughout the process.
  7. All interior finishes as per your selection
  8. Complete furnishing, with best quality local and imported furniture, soft furnishing and accessories as per client’s choice.
  9. All equipment and materials bear manufacturer’s warranty, plus a two year cost free Maintenance of the entire house.
  10. And best of all, it all comes Hassle free. All you have to do is REGISTER with us, and we will make the whole process of procurement, a breeze.