Montage Design Build


    Yes, Montage Designbuild is registered with CDA, (CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY), DHAI (DEFENCE HOUSING AUTHORITY ISLAMABAD) and PEC (PAKISTAN ENGINEERING COUNCIL) separately as consultants and contractors. Arch Sadia Hayat, owner and founder of the architectural firm, is also registered with PCATP (PAKISTAN COUNCIL OF ARCHITECTS AND TOWN PLANNERS) in a personal capacity.
    We design buildings according to the client’s requirements. Whilst we predominantly have a contemporary outlook, we are also proficient in classical styles.
    Montage Designbuild has a background in institutional/ corporate buildings and corporate office interiors, and still does some of these on a regular basis. Several of these can be seen in our portfolio. However residential architecture, single family as well as multifamily remain our favorite.
  4. What is the hallmark of your typical residential buildings?
    Most of our designs are airy, open plan homes that have habitable rooms facing the north or south. We also incorporate nature/ landscaping and ensure the indoor/outdoor living areas seamlessly flow together. We are extremely interested in environmentally responsive architecture. Three of the regular features that we incorporate in all our residential projects are, thicker walls, efficient windows design and materials, and thorough insulation of all exposed surfaces. These measures always make the houses expensive but we believe in and convince our clients to invest in their future, and what better way to do that. These measures make our homes comfortable, airy and elegant.
  5. Do you do additions and alterations?
    Yes, we do many additions and alterations. However, it is always to protect a well-built structure. If the existing construction is not of good quality we almost insist on dismantling it.
  6. Is your fee structure based on a percentage of the building cost or per square foot?
    To simplify the fees, we charge a fixed fee for the design stage. Thereafter, once all design and drawings are completed, detailed BILL OF QUANTITIES (BOQ) are prepared for each trade involved along with specifications. Our construction costs are based on the BOQ’s.
  7. How long does the process take?
    This usually takes roughly three and a half months, depending on the size of the building and the clients’ input/ response time. Authority’s approval depends on the different authorities, but can vary between two weeks and several months. Factors such as estate approvals, building line relaxations, sub-divisions, etc. can delay this further. The approval period is used to complete all working drawings and BOQ’s, this enables construction to start as soon as the plans are approved.
  8. What is the difference between a contractor and a turnkey contractor?

    In a traditional setup, an architect is hired to design and a contractor is separately hired to build the house. Generally speaking, coordination and Material procurement, both of which are of utmost importance, are left to the client, who might or might not be able to do that properly.

    A turnkey Contractor on the other hand, takes you all the way from design to construction with a single point of contact. No need to shop around for contractors, material suppliers, plumbers etc. the turnkey contractor hires contractors, procure building materials and manages all works at site.

    Montage Designbuild has gone a step further. We have in-house design and construction teams, and never sublet parts of the project. We have an in house team of masons, plumbers, electricians etc. nothing is left to chance or to outsiders, and we gladly bear the full responsibility for every brick laid in the project. We are the only genuine DESIGNBUILD Company working in this area. So whereas we are a boutique company, but make sure that all of the resources required for producing quality projects are available in house.

  9. Do you do interior design?

    Yes. We have an interior design company wing which specializes in interior architecture, be it hard finishes, furniture or accessories, they do it all. We also have a furniture manufacturing facility in Gujarat that can produce any piece that you would like to get custom made

  10. Do you only design in Islamabad?

    Our design projects are spread all over the country and even in Iraq. However our Designbuild services are available only in Islamabad area. In near future we are planning to take Designbuild services and boutique developments to Lahore as well.