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At Montage Designbuild, we believe Interior Design and Interior Décor does the magic; It makes an empty space a “Treasure Chest of Living”. This philosophy applies to how our interior designer in Islamabad works on all of our projects, whether residential, commercial or hospitality interior design project. Our interior design sensibilities in the residential field translate seamlessly into the commercial and hospitality designs, giving each a unique and intimate quality.

Many a times, our interior designers have to work on existing spaces, which need to be designed to accommodate a new user/program. In all such projects it’s the potential of the space which is explored to the maximum, bringing out the very best of the existing, be it old, new or classic. We can design your interiors, to accommodate all of your requirements and create an ambiance that reflects your personality; in short we make it a “treasure trove” for the generations to come.

Interior Decoration in Islamabad

Interior Décor requires procurement of all sorts of furnishing, art works, wall treatments, floor treatments etc and given the level of market development in Islamabad, this could be such a daunting task. This search usually takes us to Lahore or Karachi, or even Dubai. Moreover we have also developed very good sources of furniture in Gujrat to create bespoke furniture if time allows. So we have developed a large number of resources for Interior Décor, which are utilized to match the requirements budgets and tastes.

If you are looking for the services of interior designer or interior decoration in Islamabad, you come to the right place, contact us now for detail discussion.

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